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matressSmall.jpg Sleep EZ Mattress
We have designed a great mattress as the foundation of our sleep system. Our mattress is luxuriously firm, made with two different layers of foam (of different densities) sandwiching a 2.8 inch layer of Talalay Latex, the best sleeping surface on the market today. To learn more about the benefits of Talalay Latex go to http://www.latexfoam.com/#. Our Mattresses and Mattress Sets are incredibly well priced! Even at retail prices our mattresses are less than half the price of others of comperable quality - but there are no others that you can compare to the "luxurious firmness" we have achieved. Because we have been able to keep our mattress prices low, shipping anywhere in the country is still cost effective.


sit_ez/sitezside Sit EZ Low
$62.95$44.50 On Sale!
Our Low Sit EZ Seat Support is recommended for people who don't have a lot of headroom in their car.