Owner’s Manual for the Body

Owner’s Manual For The Body

How To Attain And Maintain Optimal Structural Fitness Without Exercise, Diet, Drugs, Or Surgery

"Owner’s Manual for the Body" by Jerry Porter, D.C.

You will discover that there are numerous things that have gone wrong with your body simply because of the shoes you wear, places you sit, and how you sleep. This manual explains what you can do to fix them.

I've written this book as a step-by-step information resource to help you succeed.

What your patients will get in this manual:

Section 1 – Introduction: This section sets the groundwork for the manual by identifying many false ideas about how the body works. 
Section 2 – What Goes Wrong With Bodies: What will it take to fix your body? Presents structural bio-mechanics in an easy to understand way that makes sense.

Section 3 – Testing: Become aware of how your body is doing by familiarizing yourself with indicators. This is the beginning of becoming an active participant in the standing, sitting, and sleeping protocols.
Section 4 – Standing: Each of the following areas of shoes is highlighted, explaining what is good and bad about the various aspects of shoes and their necessary repairs and replacements.
     Arch Supports
     Toe Box
     Heel Height
     Orthotic Dots

Section 5 – Sitting: Sitting Body Mechanics – explains exactly how badly people can mess up their own body and how this happens.

Where Can You Sit? – This paves the way for a lifetime of sitting right, bringing to light all the many places people sit that they should avoid or correct.

Section 6 – Sleeping: Sleeping Body Mechanics – The sleep system of a firm mattress and an appropriate pillow is presented with tips on getting everything just right.

Section 7 – What to Avoid: This section troubleshoots things which, unless you are aware of them, can throw a wrench in any structural care you seek.


Practitioners around the world are using this manual with their pateints to help bring about long lasting changes.

You can get the benefits now.


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