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Sleep EZ Mattress

sleep ez sleep system

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     We have designed a great mattress to compliment our sleeping system. Working in conjunction with Northwest Bedding we have designed a luxuriously firm mattress that is available only through It is made of 2 different layers of foam (of different densities) sandwiching a 2.8 inch layer of Talalay Latex, the best sleeping surface on the market today.

Read what people are saying about the Sleep E-Z mattress:

The Sleep EZ Mattress is the most luxurious mattress I've ever slept on.  It's the first mattress I've slept on that provides firmness without having to sacrifice comfort. It's a soft but firm mattress that, unlike memory foam, sleeps cool.

It's a great mattress for motion isolation.  I hardly ever notice when my wife rolls over or gets out of bed. Since this amazing mattress is spring-free, there is no squeaking and the bed is very stable.

This mattress is so comfortable, I rarely move from the position I fall asleep in.  I used to be a chronic flipper, always looking for a more comfortable sleep position; those days are over with my Sleep EZ Mattress!

You'd be hard pressed to find a better quality mattress at any price! It's a comfortable mattress with a standard pillow, but coupled with the Sleep EZ Adjustable Pillow, I always get a great night's sleep! Verne Rugebregt, Cupertino, CA


I love Dr. Porterís mattress. Somehow he has managed to combine firmness with cushiness, and the result is that it supports my back beautifully, while giving such a luxurious feel. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

I have had serious back problems for the last year. A bulging disc and nerve impingement at S1 have been the cause of excruciating pain, crippling, and numbness. I have tried 2 doctor-designed mattresses, and when they didnít work, I tried sleeping on the floor. With all of these I would wake up in terrible pain and sometimes numbness on my whole left side, as they did not give my back the support it very desperately needed when in the worst of this condition.

Dr. Porterís mattress and pillow have enabled me to sleep so much better. They give my back perfect support, and I wake up feeling refreshed because I am sleeping deeply. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night in pain or numb. Also, I honestly donít know how I would be able to sleep without that pillow! I believe my back would not have healed as easily, without the pillow to keep my spine aligned properly throughout the night. Patti Citrin, Spokane, WA

Recently I purchased the Sleep EZ mattress Dr. Porter designed. WOW! I had been looking for beds for years, and went through many mattresses, including a Serta, before getting Dr. Porter's. It is FANTASTIC! I am sleeping better, I feel clearer and focus better, my overall health is better, and my friends and family are saying I'm not cranky anymore!

I am actually losing weight better, too.

This mattress is helping take my pain away between treatments. It seems to align my spine. I fell down a couple of weeks ago and thought I would really be hurting for days. I slept on the bed and the next morning all pain was gone. This isn't the first time I have gone to bed hurting and woken up feeling good.

Another improvement I have noticed since using the mattress is that I am now able to walk to the bus without pain, even in cold weather, which tends to aggravate the pain. This is something I could not do before.

Since I bought it I have not needed to use the C-Pap machine prescribed for apnea. I sleep through the night, and the under-eye bags I've had for years are disappearing.

This bed is a miracle. Even my cat sleeps better on it :-) If there were in a fire this mattress would be the first thing I would try to save. Susan Cunningham, Spokane, WA

I went from a very firm mattress (a pillow-top turned upside-down because Dr. Porter said I shouldnít sleep on a pillow-top). So when I got Dr. Porters mattress. . . Nice! It is so comfortable. Now I donít wake up stiff, which I like best of all. I used to wake up so stiff I would have to take a hot shower to loosen up in the morning. I am very happy about this. I am happy, this mattress is just firm enough! I like it! Joan Greiner, Spokane, WA

I have found this mattress helpful. I used to wake up every 2 hours or so, and now I wake up less often, about every 4 or 5 hours. Thatís a good improvementÖbecause I have (sleep) apnea. The mask seal ends up coming undone, so I wake up, not because the mattress is uncomfortable, but so I can reset the mask. I have enjoyed this mattress! It is very comfortable and I am sleeping better. I bought the mattress about 2 months ago; at the same place my daughter bought a different mattress. Her mattress was made of the same materials, but cost almost twice as much! James Wirth, Spokane, WA

I love Dr. Porterís mattress. I used to have a hard time falling asleep. With Dr. Porterís mattress I fall asleep much easier now, and I wake up less often during the night. Itís pretty firm, and I wasnít sure at first. But once I tried it and found it was so comfortable, I instantly liked it. I never had to get used to it. I have slept better from the first night. And I like the way it looks, itís pretty. Shani Ward, Seattle, WA

I sleep better on this mattress than on any other I have ever had. I grew up with a Sealy Posturepedic, and it was a good mattress, but I like Dr. Porterís better. His is firmer, but very comfortable. I am a much less restless sleeper now. I sleep more soundly and donít wake up as much, and I donít toss and turn nearly as much as I used to.

Now that I sleep so well on Dr. Porterís mattress, I notice poor mattresses quite a bit more when I have to travel for my job. I really have a tough time in most hotel beds. I just cannot get in a good position, and I toss and turn all night. I canít wait to get home to Dr. Porterís mattress for a sound nightís sleep. Anthony Ward, Seattle, WA

Mattresses can be purchased with a foundation as a set, or alone. Please contact us for freight details. These mattresses have shipped to all corners of the country and for usually between $180 - $220.